The only luxury is time

Time is precious. It motivates us to chase our passions. It drives us to seek out moments with the ones who matter most. To reflect on the past and to pursue our ambitions.
MT&W is a creator of Modern Vintage timepieces for a new generation of vintage enthusiasts. Our timepieces are inspired by the iconic style of 1970s sports car racing, where time was everything and a split second meant the difference between victory and defeat.

The classics, reimagined.

The Seventies was a golden age for motorsport. Porsche and Ferrari battled it out on the track during the GT era, while the adrenaline-fueled action of the F1 championships took the world by storm. Behind the scenes, the world of men’s accessories was changing, too. Racing legends like Niki Lauda and Carlos Reutemann helped cement aviator sunglasses in the zeitgeist, but there was one thing that distilled both the glamour and mechanical precision of the racing world more than anything else: the timepieces.

We started this venture as vintage watch enthusiasts, and just like how the big sports car manufacturers have reworked their machines over the decades, our goal is to reimagine the vintage watch – balancing heritage design codes with an eye for modern details. Our vision is simple: to create watches that stand the test of time and remain just as relevant 50 years from now. We bring together classic elements like hardened dome crystal, mechanical-quartz chronographs and stainless steel cases, while our bold colour combinations add a unique twist. Each watch is defined by our signature aged patina dial.

Time to do things differently

A small handful of brands make up most of the sports timepieces market, relying on their familiar names for commercial success. We decided it was time for something new. We launched MT&W in 2020 for modern vintage timepieces fans like ourselves who were tired of overpaying for quality timepieces or wasting their time rummaging through vintage markets to find a hidden gem. Our collection is designed to be affordable without compromising on quality. Browse our catalogue and discover the timeless aesthetic of MT&W. 

Who are we?

The answer to that is simple: we’re vintage watch enthusiasts through-and-through. Even today, our teams from the UK, Hong Kong, and Italy can often be found sifting through vintage markets to find rare timepieces from a bygone era. The thrill of discovering a perfectly designed watch was one of the main sources of inspiration for us when coming up with the idea for MT&W. How could we capture the antique look and feel of a classic watch while also bringing something new to the table?

Our watches themselves may not be from fifty years ago, but our admiration for the aesthetics of the time is plain to see in every one of our designs. We’re still collectors and admirers of vintage watches at heart, and we think that makes us the right people for the task of bringing a new vintage-inspired watch brand to the market.