Thank you for being our valued customer. We’ve created these user guidelines to ensure you have a flawless experience with your vintage MT&W watch. Please read them carefully to learn all the necessary information about using your watch and taking good care of it.


Gently pull out the crown to the second position. Turn the crown in a clockwise direction until the hour and minute hands are in the correct position and push the crown back in to set the time.

Please note: MT&W’s unique vintage design does not include a date display. The crown’s first position is used in some Japanese Seiko VK63 movement watches to adjust a date wheel and should be skipped when setting the time of your MT&W watch. The crown will turn freely in the first position; this is normal and will have no effect on the watch.


The chronograph can measure up to 60 minutes and will stop after the maximum time has elapsed.

Start the chronograph by pressing the upper button on the right side of the watch (just above the crown). The chronograph’s second hand will begin moving immediately.

Stop the chronograph by pressing the upper button again. Both the chronograph minute hand and second hand will measure the exact time elapsed since the start.

Reset the chronograph by pressing the lower button on the right side of the watch (just below the crown).


Our standard 12 month international warranty covers all defective watches, starting from the shipment date. Any damage from either accidents or misuse are NOT covered by the warranty and our watchmaker will investigate the watch prior to any repairs being carried out.

Any shipping fees related to the warranty will be refunded to you once it's been ascertained that your watch is covered by the warranty. However, the customer will remain responsible for all warranty/return packages until we have safely received them. Therefore, please ensure the packaging is appropriate for the safe transit of your watch and we advise you to use registered trackable shipping services.

Should you require help, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.