Introducing the Eclipse

MT&W’s watches are modelled after the chronographs of the 1970s, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to try new things. We’re always looking for ways to nod to classic designs while introducing forward-thinking touches – it’s why our watches combine a vintage shape with a slimmer, contemporary case. One of the most noticeable ways we balance vintage style with modern detailing is through our carefully selected colours.


We’d like to introduce you to one of our most ambitious colour combinations yet: the Eclipse. Unlike more traditional colourways such as the familiar black and white Panda, the Eclipse aims to do something a little unexpected. The name comes from the contrast created when the dark backdrop and subdials meet the lighter tones of our golden dial – an effect which resembles three moons eclipsing a sun.


The most unique aspect of the Eclipse watch can be observed in the finer details. Designed in a classic Tachymetre style, the bezel is finished in a matte black tone along with the dial background and three subdials. While it’s common practice to combine opposing colours and tones like whites and blacks, we wanted to do things our way and break with this tradition. All of the numbers and markers are also finished in matte black, complementing rather than contrasting the other elements of the design.


The result is a unique combination of dark tones that keeps things low profile, while the deep red minute and second markers on the main dial catch the eye nicely. As always with MT&W’s timepieces, the dial is finished with our signature patina effect, which lends an antique touch to the design and ensures every watch is truly one of a kind.


The case of the Eclipse is crafted from hand-polished 316 stainless steel with a double curved lug. We assemble the golden patina dial with Seiko VK63 movement, which allows the watch to retain its slim shape once it’s all put together. Our skilled watchmakers assemble each piece by hand, combining the black bezel with thick dome crystal. When it’s finished, the whole watch measures just 12.7mm in thickness, while the 40mm case allows it to maintain a classic appearance on the wrist.


At MT&W, we’re always seeking out new and exciting colour combinations to lend a bold finish to our vintage-inspired watches. Our very first collection mixes classic styles with distinctive hues and subtler muted tones. The Racing Green watch takes inspiration from the paintjobs of vintage sports cars, while the Oceanic is designed in a deep blue colourway for a nautical theme. If monochrome is more your style, our Steel Grey watch features a subdued palette of medium and dark tones. Browse our selection of different styles to find your next vintage-inspired chronograph watch.